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Are you a new player fed up of being forced into toxic environments, or dealing with alliances that simply treat you as pawns?
Are you looking to develop your skills, experience the best that Albion has to offer, without the drama and politics?
Are you actually wanting to have fun ? Then Brave Newbies was created with you in mind. We are the premier Mists Alliance with over 40 Hideouts, 6 zones from t4-t7 deep, and multiple services and level 3 hideouts!

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Who is Brave Newbie?

Who is NEWBY?
Brave Newby is the Premier Mists alliance with 2200+ members across all time zones, led by a group of veteran players who want to improve the new player experience.
We want to create a movement that allows new players to experience everything that Albion has to offer under professional guidance. Our mission is to provide an incredible experience to new players and to help everyone to achieve their own goals, whilst also having fun!
We provide expert mentorship for all new players, no matter what your goals are. We have expert mentors from diverse Albion backgrounds in economy/industry, gathering/crafting, PvE and PvP.
Whether you’re brand new to Albion or an experienced veteran, if you enjoy learning from and teaching others, Brave Newby welcomes you!
Alliance? What’s That?
In Albion Online, guilds can only have a maximum of 300 members. We have grown well beyond that, and as such, formed into an alliance — an in-game group of guilds working together.
Our alliance is made up of several guilds; there is no difference or hierarchy between these. We don’t even use the individual guild’s chat channels to communicate — everyone uses Discord. We want to ensure that everyone has the same fantastic experience and access to all of the mentors, friends, and resources available within Brave Newby!
How Do We Help?
We want to help new players have the best possible introduction to the game and to become the adventurers that they want to be.
As part of that goal, our alliance is organized around Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These are groups of members interested in a particular activity — be it gathering, ganking, or making silver — who can discuss their activities with like-minded players and ask questions from experienced mentors. SIG leaders are veteran players who lead regular guild events to teach new players (affectionately known as “newbros”) the ropes of that activity.
Some of our existing SIGs include:
Fame Farming SIG: Want to quickly level your weapon and armor skills? Join us in group dungeons, fame events and more!
Gathering SIG: Love running around looking for shiny resources? We’ll help you stay safe in the Outlands and maximize your returns!
Ganking SIG: Want to kill other players and take their stuff? So do we! Come join us!
Junior Shotcaller SIG: Want to lead a 5-man squad or 100-player zerg to victory? We’ll teach you how to make the right calls and give you opportunities to practice!
Members are welcome to join as many or as few SIGs as they like. We want everyone to have access to knowledgeable and experienced mentors in their chosen activities, and to be able to find groups for PVP, PVE, GvG, ZvZ, CLM, HG, and just laughing about silly puns and posting memes in Discord! No matter what you enjoy doing, you will find friends and a home here.
Our alliance is also known for our free gear program – we hand out free Tier 4.1 gear to all members as needed! We want all our new players to explore the entire world of Albion and to take on battles for the fun of it without worrying about how they’re going to replace their gear. If we’re running a guild event, we’ll hand out Tier 4.1 at the beginning of the event and throughout the event as needed so that everyone can participate. If you get ganked while gathering, we’ll help to replace your gathering set so you can get back out there and find those shiny exceptional nodes!
You might have heard that some Albion guilds charge you a tax on every piece of silver you pick up off the ground – not Newby! We have a 0% tax rate in every one of our guilds. Our goal is to help you get off to a great start and learn to sustain yourself with your own personal economy — keeping everything you find only makes that easier!
If you are a smaller group that is interested in this type of game play contact Voltel#0001 for more information. As an alliance we have over 40 hideouts and something for everyone no matter if you are a brand-new individual player or a more veteran guild looking for fun content and good nontoxic environment!

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