About Brave Newbie Alliance

Who we are

– Are you a new player fed up of being forced into toxic environments, or dealing with alliances that simply treat you as pawns?
– Are you looking to develop your skills, experience the best that Albion has to offer, without the drama and politics?
– Are you actually wanting to have fun ? Newby is! 

Brave newbies is a brand new alliance with 450+ members, spawned from a group of existing veteran players coming from diverse Albion backgrounds, that want to improve the new player experience.
We want to create a movement that allows new players to experience everything that Albion has to offer under professional guidance.
Our mission is to provide an incredible experience to new players and to help everyone to achieve their own goals, whilst importantly having fun!
We provide expert mentorship for all new players, no matter what your goals are.
We have expert mentors from various guilds in economy/industry, gathering/crafting, PvE/PvP.
 No matter what you enjoy doing, you will have a home here and we will look after you.
We are looking to find others that share our vision, to grow a newbie focused alliance that puts an emphasis on fun and learning.

Summary :

– expert mentorship from players across all fields of Albion
– Free gear program including free 4.1! – Zero tax!
– Access to all types of Albion content, including higher tier content as you progress in both PvP and PvE – blackzone!
– Join our movement of improving the new player experience in Albion – Above all else have fun with no obligations, no taxes and no strings attached!
– Join us on our Discord:

PS : We are also open to more veteran players that want to give back to the community and help new bros